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Pakistan’s Popular Mr. Excuse Me is Now Famous in India too!

The social media star is being talked about by media across the border

Mr Excuse MeHis videos are based on two things, technique, and creation, Mr Excuse Me - OyeYeah News

If there’s one social media celebrity who is undisputedly popular for wit and humor it’s Waseem Hassan Sheikh famously known as ‘Mr. Excuse Me’.

The advertising guru is now also getting his fair share of fame from across the border as a publication wrote a full article on his diversity and style.

“What is so special about him you ask? His advertisements are nothing short of a Bollywood film. They include a storyline, a song, and a dance with proper hook steps. Most of these songs are also made on the tunes of Bollywood songs,” writes the India Today article of the social media advertiser and owner of Hassan Studios.


Pakistani social media celebrity has more than 72,000 Facebook followers and almost 60,000 likes on his page. Hassan is also known as Mr. Excuse me in Pakistan.

The article also shared advertisements for Waseem which range from clothing range to restaurants to anything on the planet one can think of.

Quoting Mr. Excuse Me himself, the article says, “His videos are based on two things, technique, and creation. The technique, he learned from his elder brother and creation is God’s gift to him.”

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