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Sadaf Kanwal remarks on #MeToo has sparked a new debate

The recent remarks made by Pakistan’s top fashion model Sadaf Kanwal regarding #MeToo and sexual harassment in Pakistan have left the people with mixed reaction. Many are furious over her statement and few have come-up supporting her.
It all started when Sadaf Kanwal appeared in a TV talk show and was asked a question about the sexual harassment.

To which Sadaf replied, “You know aap ke sath #MeToo jab ho, tab bol do. Baad mein aap ko yaad araha hai #MeToo, So I think jab ho bol do. (You know, when you have a #MeToo incident, say it then. Why are you remembering it later? I think when it happens you should say it.)”.
She further added, “Agar mere saath #MeToo kabhi hua tou mai bolungi na. aur mai social media pe nahi bolungi mai aap sab ko bataungi (If I ever have a #MeToo incident, I would say it. And I won’t just say it on social media. I’d tell all of you.)”
The remarks made by the super model has sparked a new debate over social media, many people including celebs are pouring their comments on social media.

Mesha Shafi, who herself took the social media to point out her struggle of sexual harassment, seems not to be pleased with Sadaf’s comments. Taking it to twitter Meesha posted her comments, “Strong eyebrows. Do not a strong backbone make”.
As the super model Sadaf Kanwal is known best for her eyebrow features, Meesha took a hard hit without saying her name but pointing out at her features.

There were few others who came in posting in response of Sadaf Kanwal’s statement.



But,  Fahad Hussain, CEO of Citrus, a leading talent agency of Pakistan, came in supporting Sadaf. He posted a series of messages in his Instagram story. He also posted on his insta, captioning the photo messages saying, “Strong eyebrows, even stronger backbone! @sadafkanwal , you are a fighter and a real person. Do not let these negative comments bring you down, they never did in the past, nor shall they do so in the future.
More power to you girl”.


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