Shaan Shahid takes a jib at Shah Rukh Khan for dubbing Mufasa in The Lion King

Shah Rukh Khan has lost confidence & passion for acting according to Shan Shahid.


Pakistani star Shaan Shahid seems to be disappointed over SRK’s dubbing for the Hindi version of The Lion King.

Shaan who has been quite active on social media, citing is his views over various things, this time took to social media taking a jib at Bollywood star.

As the Zero starrer recently shared the trailer of the Hindi dubbed version for which he has voiced the character of Mufasa.

In response to Shah Rukh Khan’s tweet, Shaan took to social media requesting him to not destroy an iconic film like The Lion King with Hindi dubbing. And also expressed his thoughts the SRK could have at least changed his vocal expression for the iconic character.

Shaan wrote, “Pls don’t destroy an iconic film with Hindi dub… no difference in Shahrukh’s voice it is like any other V/O he does for his films. At least change your voice expression for a lions dub”.

Seems like Shaan has no idea that the dubbing for the cub as Simba is done by SRK’s son Aryan Khan, who amazingly voiced just like his father.

The Khuda Kay Liye star had expressed earlier that SRK has lost confidence and passion for acting.

He tweeted saying, “When the actor loses confidence and his passion to show his craft, that’s the answer you get. The hunger should never die. Follow all the great actors, what they did after they became greats. They challenged themselves with what they wanted to do. The role comes from inside.”

The Lion King opens in theater on 19th of July, apart from SRK’s dubbing the Hindi Version also includes his son Aryan Khan voice over for Simba.

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