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Shah Rukh Khan Opens Up About Being Dissapointed After Playing Aishwarya Rai’s Brother In Josh

The film had SRK and Aish paired up as siblings while Chandarchur Singh played her love interest

Shah-Rukh-KhanShah Rukh Khan played role as Aishwarya Rai's Brother In film Josh - OyeYeah News

People haven’t forgotten the hit 2000 film, Josh that had a rather interesting storyline and even more interesting star cast. The film saw Shah Rukh Khan, Aishwarya Rai, Sharad Kapoor, and Chandarchur Singh. While SRK and Aishwarya played siblings, it was Chandarchur Singh who got to play the lucky guy who romanced the beauty queen.

Although Shahrukh Khan didn’t say anything at all back then, it was recently when the actor opened up during an award show while he presented an award to the actress.

“I have been very unlucky with Aishwarya. It’s a shame that in our first film Josh, Aishwarya, the most beautiful woman in the world, in the universe and even beyond on all the planets, was my sister,” SRK quipped.

“She played my twin sister and people even told me that we look alike. I am still living in this misunderstanding that though I played her brother, I at least look like her,” Khan added further.

Khan has previously added how he has been most unlucky when it comes to romancing Aishwarya Rai on screen.

“I have been very lucky that I never got the opportunity where Aish could love me and I could love her on-screen. Everything was in place but I (Devdas) left her (Paro) and when I returned, she had left me,” SRK reportedly said while talking about the duo in Devdas.

And as far as Mohabbatein, was concerned, the two could not meet as Aishwarya played a ghost in the film. “Mohabbatein me ye bhootni thi (She was a ghost in Mohabbatein),” Khan has been reported saying.

However, off-screen SRK and Aish happen to be really good friends.

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