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Shaista Lodhi takes a tumble during live game show and guess what

Come on guys take a break!

Shaista Lodhi took a tumble during a live game show and guess what! Media portals got masala from the incident to make a mountain out of a molehill!

The clip from the recent episode of the popular live game show ‘Jeeto Pakistan League’ hosted by Fahad Mustafa has gone viral.

The reason was the team captain Shaista Lodhi taking a tumble while helping her team during a game, partially due to the high-heeled shoe she was wearing, but she go up right after and was even helped and cheered on by fellow captain Adnan Siddiqui.

Some made it big by saying Adnan Siddiqui accidentally pushed Shaista Lodhi on the sets of Jeeto Pakistan.

Though as colleagues both the captains let go of it as a mishap but the internet trolls can’t help their way out.

Come on guys take a break! it was supposed to be a game and accidents do happen when someone runs wearing 8 inches heels!





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