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Shaniera Akram Once Again Raises Voice for Beach Cleanliness

Shaniera Akram is quite known for her social activism and vocalness over many important issues of Pakistan. One such issue is pollution and particularly water pollution that Shaniera has time and again brought attention to.

Appreciating the efforts of beach cleaning being carried out by various groups in Karachi, Shaniera took to Twitter to highlight the source of all the garbage that ends up at the beach.

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“All day every day these workers are in the hot sun cleaning up the filth that is getting washed on our shores,” tweeted Shaniera.

She added, “Our ocean is polluted and no matter how hard we work at cleaning the beach rubbish still washes in every day.”

Concluding her tweet on a thought-provoking note she wrote, “We need to fix the source instead of bandaging the problem!”

Earlier Shaniera was among the first celebrities to bring attention to medical waste being dumped on Karachi’s shore.

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