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Singer Shamoon Ismail Embroils in a Twitter Drama

In a rather hard time that the world is going through, some people still manage to get indulged in unnecessary and meaningless situations that can easily be avoided. Similar is the case with budding singer Shamoon Ismail who embroiled himself into a controversy over a racist tweet and then further complicate matters with a horrible attempt at an apology.

“All this because some ‘chink’ decided to have bat for dinner,” said the singer in a now-deleted tweet as he racially blamed Chinese for Coronavirus pandemic.

Of course, the tweet didn’t go well with masses on Twitter who called out the singer for his racism and tasteless tweet.

Seeing the backlash, Shamoon tried to rectify the situation and further blew things out of proportion.

“I never mean to be insensitive. Apologies if I hurt you,” was his attempt to apologize which once again triggered a storm.


And if all that was not already quite crass, Shamoon tried hitting back on the critics and became the latest headline on internet bashing today.

“I have corrected myself to set an example cause people look up to me and I am answerable to a higher authority. Not because I am scared of a bunch and getting canceled. I am not pushed on your TV or radio or on a subscription that’s paid for. I don’t owe anyone anything,” he tweeted.

Further saying, “When u apologize to a person and they tell u to apologize differently because they think they’re God and have the right to doubt your intentions. Roll a spliff and call dominos.”


So basically he just ended where he started from – Dominos – and we’re pretty sure the food chain isn’t happy being mentioned in this situation again and again.

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