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Sonali Bendre on how she has spend the last two years like quarantine

Ever since she had been diagnosed with cancer in 2018, Sonali Bendre had been spending time away from the public eye, staying indoors.

In a recent interview, Sonali admitted that she had been spending the last two years of her life as this quarantine and the lockdown hadn’t really affected her much.

However, the actress did state that she missed all the friends and family who would visit her before the pandemic hit.

“I’m doing well right now, actually. I would say it hasn’t been much of a change for me because the last two years have been sort of like quarantine for me, anyway. But I would have a lot of visitors coming and going. That’s the part that I miss the most,” she said. “Above all, I’m missing my parents right now because I can’t really meet them. But other than that, we have lots to be thankful for. I always count my blessings,” said Sonali.

Sonali also shared that after having her immunity compromised receiving cancer treatments, she was at a higher risk of catching the coronavirus and was trying her best to keep herself healthy.

“If I could go back and say something to the 20-year-old me, it would be to never lose hope and remember to switch on the sunshine,” Sonali advised everyone while stating how it was best to live every moment of one’s life and never lose hope.

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