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Staff at Ellen DeGeneres Show suffer because of the coronavirus pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the entire world. Industries around the world have been shut down and it has also caused major productions to shut down.

The staff of the Ellen DeGeneres Show has also been suffering and are currently very upset because of the coronavirus and added pressure by the producers of the show

The show was also put on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic and currently Ellen has been conducting the show remotely from her home in California.

According to Variety claimed the staff of the show has been complaining about the treatment they have been receiving from the show’s producers as no update has been given to the staff comprising over 30 members about their working hours or salary.

The producers have hired a company to record the show from Ellen’s house in California but haven’t contacted the staff of the actual show.

The sources have said that the workers have been asked to get ready for a 60 percent cut in their salaries.

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