Stage Actress Rabica Sahar Claims Asylum in UK Citing Enslavement as Reason

The actress applied for asylum five days after reaching UK for a three month long performance schedule


In a strange turn of events, Pakistani stage artist Rabica Sahar has sought asylum in the UK citing enslavement and human trafficking as her reasons. Rabica who had arrived in the UK on September 8, claimed for asylum just five days after her arrival.

“The three girls arrived in the UK on September 8 and there were no performances scheduled until September 11. During the first three days, all three girls were visiting together and sightseeing,” said the producer who had arranged the show for Rabica and two other girls out of which one is accused by Rabica for enslaving her.

“Rabica used references to me and begged for inclusion in the troupe for UK which I arranged,” added the producer.

Rabica has claimed that fellow artist Ravina is the one who is keeping her as a slave.

“Ravina is my wife. She is 21 years old and Rabica is 35 years old. How can she claim that Ravina made her slave? Ravina was accompanied by Rabica but she has nothing to do with her claim of slavery. She insisted me to arrange her UK visa, which I did,” said Ravina’s husband.

Dawn reported that Rabica made the claims following a police raid at a well-renowned venue of London where Rabica and all other artists were staying. During police interrogation, Rabica claimed that the manager had taken her passport and she felt enslaved as her will was not taken into account.

Other artists claimed that their passports were kept by the manager in safekeeping as per their request.

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