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Veteran TV host, Tariq Aziz, calls channels and their Ramzan transmissions absurd

The month of Ramzan, sacred to Muslims all around the world is only a few days away. While Muslims all over try to seek blessings and get their sins pardoned from Allah in this holy month, television channels in Pakistan seek an entirely different thing altogether. Waging a war against each other, every TV channel in the country, comes up with their own Ramzan transmissions, marathon programs that run from sehris to iftaris and last late into the night.

If that is not enough, we have special game shows and drama serials coming out as Ramzan Specials in all channels. People turn to televisions soon after iftar to see who will win what in the crazy game shows our channel broadcast all 29-30 days of Ramzan.

Feeling the need to call them out for their absurdity, veteran TV host, Tariq Aziz took to his social media. The veteran host, who himself laid down the foundation of game shows in Pakistan (albeit not in Ramzan) stated, “Channels focus on game shows distributing gold, luxurious prizes, cars and bikes. However, none of them talk about religion or anything that could prove to be knowledgeable for the masses.”


The veteran host also added that a number of programs are tasteless to the point of being absurd.


Television channels and their crusade for ratings in Ramzan has become a norm in Pakistan since  a years. Channels focus more on making the most of the holy month, doing huge businesses and soaring in profits unmatched round the year. But are these transmissions justified? What do you guys think?


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