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Aana Episode 23 Review: Daneen is now jealous of Aania

With its 23rd episode going on air, drama serial Anaa has become a bit slow paced. There hasn’t been any monumental development in the show for some weeks. Daneen and Areesh are together but arguing. Aania is helping them, now with Altamash’s help.

So what went down in this week’s episode of Anaa?

Ghanzanfar and his daughter have come up with their ugly selves. They visit Daneen’s father and insult him, Nashwa being so ugly and rude and not respecting the fact that he is her uncle. Their taunts hurt Daneen’s father so much that he tries to commit suicides but is saved in the nick of time.


Altamash over hears Aania’s call to Areesh where she is helping him out and it has somehow touched him, he is so proud of his sister who is definitely a gem of a person. Altamash meets Izza and tells him that Daneem and Areesh have eloped together and now Aania is helping both of them. Izza is told that she needs to procure Daneen’s passport so that they can arrange for both of them to get a safe departure from the country. Izza is impressed to see and hear all this and also that Aania despite of expecting Areesh’s baby is also helping him out.


Daneen on the other hand is having arguments with Areesh over petty issues, she has also become insecure whenever she hears anything about Aania from Areesh. She clearly expresses her jealousy for her by asking why he eloped with her when he had feelings for his wife and despite of Areesh’s assurances that he loves her she does not accept anything. Moreover she gets extremely worried when she hears about her father’s critical condition, she realizes that she is the only reason for her father’s condition and she is regretting hard as she cannot meet her father.


Nashwa is so restless that she visits Altamash’s house because he has been ignoring her. She is so ugly that she gets angry when Aania tells her that Altamash is at the hospital to see Daneen’s father. Nashwa has no feelings for her uncle and no sympathies for him. Moreover, Nashwa is so desperate that she visits the hospital to meet Altamash but there she finds that Altamash is already busy in talking with Izza. She returns from the place in jealousy whereas Altamsh and Izza are discussing how to get Daneen’s passport from the house.

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