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Bakhtawar Episode-18 Review: Bakhtawar finally agrees to marry Ahad

Bakhtawar's empathy will put her in more trouble

Hum TV drama serial Bakhtawar is down with 18 episodes. The story is quite dragged but Yumna Zaidi’s brilliant performance is what carrying the whole show. In the previous episode we have watched that Sheeda is killed by Nawab Dastaghir’s goons by deliberate car hitting. In this episode it is shown that at last, Bakhtawar has made up her mind to marry Ahad.

Well in the previous episode we have bid farewell to Sheeda as he gets killed by Nawab Dastaghir’s goons. After his death, it seems that major problems of Bakhtwar must have gotten to an end. However Bakhtawar’s empathetic heart is putting her into more troubles. Haven’t she taken interest in Noora’s protection she would not have gotten in this trouble now Nawab sahab is thinking of marrying off Noora to Bakhtoo.

Bakhtawar is in trouble and she is heart broken when Malik Dilawar also says that he can read Noora written all over her face. To escape this situation and out of heart break Bakhtawar finally decided to marry Ahad. Even Ahad is surprised and shocked that why Bakhtawar has agreed to marry him? Well Bakhtawar still goes to Nawab Dilawar’s office as Bakhtoo and surprisingly no one ever mention again about Bakhtoo and Noora’s wedding strange!

Noora is on cloud 9 these days sometimes she has forgotten her place. Hooriya surprisingly asks to take Hooriya with her Bakhtoo tries to stop her but Noora is ready to go there and Hooriya takes Noora to her house. The only danger for Noora in that house is Salar, Hooriya’s brother. He is shown to be a compulsive womanizer who tries his hands over all sorts of woman including house helps too. Molvi’s Nazar’s second wife scene is quite interesting but do we really need to start another track?

Bakhatwar is having second thoughts about marrying Ahad? Poor Ahad! our heart goes out for that poor soul. At times I find Bakhatwar’s character too annoying. Bakhawar as Bakhtoo is too stupid that she is calling Molvi Nazar’s second wife if she really wants to talk she can talk with her as Bakhtawar but no she is so stupid that she is calling her as Bakhtoo and get caught by Molvi Nazar who accuses her for bugging his wife. He creates a lot of fuss over that matter and threatens them to leave their place. The episode ends when Bakhtoo is trying to convince Malik Dilawar to bring Noora back home but to Bakhtoo’s surprise he is not paying any heed on Bakhtoo’s request.

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