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Bakhtawar Episode-6 Review: Bakhtawar is left heartbroken yet again!

Malik Dilawar and Hooriya announced their engagement through a press conference

Bakhtawar Episode-6 ReviewBakhtawar Episode-6 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Bakhtawar Episode-6 Review – Hum TV drama serial Bakhtawar is one of the strongest Weekend Primetime watches. With Yumna Zaidi’s stellar performance this serial is a real treat for Yumna fans. In the previous episode, we have seen that Bakhtoo has developed a crush on her boss Malik Dilawar. In this episode, it is shown that Bakhtoo is heartbroken when Malik Dilawar and Hooriya announced their engagement at a press conference.

Bakhtoo is well taken care of by Malik Dilawar. He senses that Bakhtoo seems worried so without even asking he hands her some money which she later returns with a cute note saying that all she needs is moral support, and financial support is well managed by the salary. Dilawar’s father is totally from another league he keeps mocking his charitable attitude all the time.

Molvi Sahab’s character is quite interesting. He is a typical misogynist person. He is eyeing Bakhtawar. His wife is not feeling good, instead of taking her care of, he goes to Bakhtawar’s place to ask for her hand from her mother. He indirectly shares his wish with Bakhtawar’s mother and then Bakhtawar intervenes she clearly tells Molvi Sahab to be grateful for what he has already been blessed with and she also shows a mirror to him by saying how mean and selfish he is to leave her ailing wife like that and thinking of second marriage.

Molvi Sahab’s wife catches him coming out of Bakhtawar’s house. Molvi Sahab starts vilifying Bakhtawar and her mother’s character by saying that both mother and daughter forced him to have tea with them. The next day Molvi Sahab’s wife tells Bakhtawar’s mother to leave the place in which Bakhtoo intervenes and she speaks for herself leaving Molvi Sahab’s wife speechless.

On the other hand, Hooriya is a typical political personality she tries to cash her charity activities just to impress Dilawar and she founded a trust for charity causes. Despite Malik Dilawar’s refusal of Hooriya, his father fixes his engagement with her because it is a political deal between Hooriya and his father. Poor Dilawar has left with no choice but to announce his engagement through a press conference.

Well to our surprise Malik Dilawar shows no resistance and he seems quite okay while announcing his engagement at the press conference. Bakhtoo is really heartbroken, she had just realized that she is in love with Malik Dilawar. However, she cannot do anything but cry and as an escape from her heartbreak, she starts smoking. Bakhtoo accepts the cigarette offered to him by Sheroo.

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