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Berukhi Episode-8 Review: Sabeen also gets attracted towards Irtiza

Nazia creates a drama of seeking forgivessness

Berukhi Episode-8 ReviewBerukhi Episode-8 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Berukhi the drama serial airing at ARY Digital has turned quite tedious but it is still interesting and somewhat gets us all hooked. In the previous episode, we have seen that Irtiza mistakenly thinks that Sabeen is the girl Iyya Jaan has chosen for her. In this episode, he tells Sabeen all his reality and it seems that Sabeen has also started liking him in some way.

Irtiza is at the orphanage when Iyya Jaan comes there and she finds him and right at that moment a child comes and tells Irtiza that “Sabeen Baji aaj nahi aee aap unka wait kararhy thay na” Iyya Jaan gets shocked with the mention of the girl’s name but surprisingly Irtiza is not as worried as he should have been. Iyya Jaan orders her help to search for this girl Sabeen.

Iyya Jaan’s help and her resources tell her about Sabeen’s details as the daughter of Mansoor Ahmed and Nazia. Well on mention of her name Sabeen they should have gotten confused as the girl she is marrying Irtiza with is Maira but Iyya Jaan says how clever of them that they have sent their daughter there for Irtiza now she has decided that she will make Maira her daughter in law. Confusing!

Mansoor Ahmed is divorcing his wife but then Kamran gives his sister a piece of advice. She creates a lot of drama of crying and pleading for forgiveness in front of Sabeen’s mother. Sabeen’s mother’s heart melts for Nazia and she forces Mansoor to change his decision and forgive her. Mansoor follows what his bhabi says. Everyone is happy that everything is settled. To our surprise Mansoor does not agree with Irtiza’s proposal he is right that they are way high in terms of class so for him it’s a mismatch but when they are themselves coming for the proposal then why he is having an issue? One wonders why?

Irtiza meets Sabeen in the Orphanage and tells her about his reality, initially Sabeen gets crossed on him hiding his reality but then when he tells her about his loses in life her heart melts for Irtiza. It seems that Sabeen has created a special place for Irtiza in her heart and she has started liking him in some way. It is shown that after coming from the Orphanage Sabeen is lost in his memories and she is thinking about him but has she forgotten that she is engaged to Kamaran?

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