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Bewafa Episode-16 Review: Shireen is now showing her true colors

Shireen's change in attitude is an eye opener for Kinza

Bewafa Episode-15 ReviewIn this episode Shireen is now showing her true colors - OyeYeah News

The tale of Betrayal, Bewafa is getting more and more intense. The plot is brilliantly written by Radain Shah and well-executed by Aabis Raza. It depicts how a loving and caring husbands get honey-trapped by his own colleague and now in this episode it is shown that how cleverly Shireen has taken Kinza’s place and sidelined her in her own house. The plot is going well, this episode is full of twists and turns. Performances are on spot.

The episode begins when Kinza visits Aahan’s office and make him issue an appointment letter for Sharmeen to appoint her in their office with a very handsome salary package. Meanwhile, Shireen has no idea what Kinza is doing at the office, she tries her best to take the advantage of the time and she tries to shed her crocodile tears in front of Aahan’s mother to win her back but her eyes are now open and she clearly knows that Shireen is doing the drama. Shireen’s hypocrisy is suffocating her so much so that she comes out of the house and sits at the lawn.


Kinza, on the other hand, is happy to appoint Sharmeen as she thinks that she is helping her out but little she knows that a storm is waiting out there to hit her. Sharmeen with all her bitterness calls Shireen and tells her about her joining Aahan’s office. It has made Shireen so mad and she is now using it against Kinza. When Aahan tells her about Sharmeen’s appointment she tells him that Kinza already knows Sharmeen and it is she who told him about their marriage. Aahan is so mad at Kinza that he feels like Kinza has stabbed him at his back.


Aahan leaves Kinza’s room and is lying on the sofa in the living room when Shireen sees him and she tells him that she can ask him to come to her room but it will make Kinza angry on which Aahan says let her be angry. The clever Shireen pretends to sleep on the same sofa when Kinza asks why she is sleeping there she lies that Aahan has thrown her out of the room. She further asks if she can sleep in her room on the sofa, Kinza agrees. The next day Shireen lies that Kinza makes her sleep on the couch of her room. Aahan gets so mad that he brings all his stuff to Shireen’s room and shifts there.


Kinza has realized that Shireen has backbitten her. Aahan’s mother is really very concerned for Kinza she tells her not to get trapped by Shireen’s fake sweetness. Moreover, Sharmeen is also resolute that she will not let Shireen break Kinza’s house. Aahan insults Sharmeen in the office. Shireen again comes to sleep in her room but Kinza has understood her tactic she snubs her on which Shireen for the very first time changes her attitude and bluntly and curtly says that their places have been changed and now she should behave accordingly. This is an eye-opener for Kinza!

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