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Daasi Episode-13 Review: Aahil and Sunheri break their relationship

Dassi the drama serial airing on HUM TV is an exquisite love story, with an intense storyline and an interesting plot, penned by Ishq Tamasha famed writer Misbah Nousheen. The story moves around two main characters Sunheri and Aahil, and the ups and downs in their relationship. For the very first time, Mawra Hocane and Adeel Hussain are coming together as an onscreen couple in this play.

The episode begins when Aahil’s mother is discussing Aahil’s comeback and that he will be joining the office to her so-called friend Tauqeer who clearly opposes it in front of her but when Aahil comes he behaves so hypocritically, he pretends to warmly welcome him and says that he is very happy to know that he is joining the office on which Aahil very bluntly and rudely tells him that his facial expressions are not going well with his words. Aahil’s mother later snubs him for being rude to her friend.


Aahil comes at Sunheri’s place to take back his clothes and belongings and there he meets Sunheri who is alone in the house. Sunheri and Aahil has a very hard talk, Sunheri swears him saying that if he is a true son of his father then he should not show his face ever to her on which Aahil says that she will be going to desperately miss him forever as for him she is dead now. Sunheri gives him back the bangles he gifted her which Aahil throws on the street.


Aadil is continuously supporting Aaliya in her hard times, despite of the fact what bad she has done to him. He truly loves her and like a true lover he is selflessly helping her out. Aaliya too realizes the fact that she has wronged him so much but still he is helping her in her difficult time. She acknowledges Aadil’s efforts by thanking him.


There is a new entry of the character in the play, Shahabuddin. Well we have heard this name more often by Sunheri’s mother but now in this episode he makes his entry. He is not Sunheri’s real uncle for sure. He is a middle-aged man and the moment he lay his eyes on Sunheri he lost his heart to her. Well, it seems that he has made up his mind to marry her. Sunheri’s mother treat him in a very special way and also says that he has done a lot for them and despite Sunheri’s disapproval she is letting him live in her house.

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