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Dobara Episode-31 Review: Mahir is cheating on Mehru!

Mahir proposes Namreen without even telling Mehru

Dobara Episode-31 ReviewDobara Episode-31 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Hum TV Drama serial Dobara as we were expecting it to get concluded by now has come up with a more drastic turn. Mahir has turned into a cheat, yes he is cheating on Mehru we know that he has a grey streak but we certainly do not expect him to stoop so low. Bilal Abbas’s performance is incredible as always. In the previous episode, we have seen that Mahir’s ex-flame joins his office. In this episode, he proposes to Namreen without even telling Mehru!

First of all how many times we are to be given a wrong clue that the coming episode is going to be the second or the last one. We were told that this one is the Second Last episode but it is not! This episode is quite disappointing and depressing to see how things have turned ugly. Mahir has disappointed us a lot, he is literally cheating on Mehru!

Well Namreen’s character is not making any sense too, she is the one who is leading Mahir on by telling him that she still remembers his love but on the other hand, she is posing to be an all-good woman who cannot build her happiness castle by destroying other’s home. She is equally as grey as Mahir and in reality, he deserves her.

Mahir’s mother is yet another problematic woman why can’t he live happily with Mehru? She is the one who puts the idea of marrying Narmeen in his head. Mahir who is lost in Narmeen’s words that she still loves him is totally smitten by her and poor Mehru has totally faded in his eyes. He goes to the extent of proposing Narmeen without even telling Mehru what a cheat! Narmeen’s mother is also quite vile and an opportunist she is eyeing Mahir and not just him but she also does not want him to leave Mehru as she is also eyeing all her wealth. Pathetic and disgusting people. Narmeen is not less than her.

Mahir is not what we were expecting him to be. His actions are all justified but how come he forgets the fact that whatever he is now is all because of Mehru! He even tells Narmeen that he is ready to leave Mehru and more than that he stoops so low that he age shaming her in front of Narmeen telling her the importance of youth saying that Mehru’s wrinkles are now haunting him. I wish I have not heard these lines. Oh God, what a fall! Really disappointed how things have turned ugly in this play. How will it going to be concluded? Will Mehru going to accept Mahir with Narmeen? Do Mahir really deserves Mehru?

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