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Kaala Doriya Episode-10 Review: Mahnoor and Asfi join hands for mission Bitto Appa

Mahnoor apologizes from her dadi for her misbehavior

Hum TV drama serial Kaala Doriya is one of the best light heart serials in the running. The story and characters have started growing on us. The performances are all cute. Sana and Osman’s chemistry looks cracking. In the previous episode, we watched Mahnoor misbehave with her Dadi. In this episode, Mahnoor apologizes to dadi for her behavior and joins hands with Asfi for mission Bitto Appa!

Mahnoor is feeling extremely guilty over misbehaving with her Dadi. She wants to apologize but is also resolute not to entering Munna Chacha’s house because of what Nida has done to her. Mahnoor asks Asfand for a favor she wants him to bring Amma Bee out of the house anywhere where she can seek her forgiveness. However, Asfi is in no mood to help her out in fact he tells Amma not to go out of the house even if Baray Abba calls her to.

Asfi, Mahnoor, Gohar, and Bubbly’s group assignment gets the second position. They all pose for a group photo. The funny part is when these photos arrive at their houses no one is allowing them to hang them on the wall. Ladu and Gurriya have spoiled Mahnoor’s face with the marker on which Nida has scolded her. The best thing about Nida and Faraz is that they have zero toxicity and do not want their kids to practice hatred.

Bitto Appa is really disturbed and she has become too desperate to get married. Her desperation is making sense too. She is so frustrated and desperate that she asks Asfi to marry her off as soon as possible. Asfand is really upset to see his phupho behaving like that. They all know that there is only one solution but it seems impossible. Nida suggests Asfi that only Mahnoor can make this impossible possible as she is the one who can convince her mother.

Asfand this time asks Mahnoor for a favor and they both agree to join hands for mission Bitto Appa shadi but Mahnoor puts a condition. She asks him to bring her dadi outside the house somewhere so she can beg forgiveness from her. The cute moment is when Asfi lies to Mahnoor that she wants to come home but he has stopped her. The ending scene comes with a bang when Kuku Mamu makes his entry into the scene right in the middle of the rishtay wala session for Bitto Appa! It seems that mission Bitto Appa is going smoothly. Overall a cute episode! very enjoyable!

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