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Malaal e Yaar Episode-27 Review: Hooriya is really struggling hard for her exams

Amber hides Hooriya's admit card

Malaal e Yaar Episode-27 Review

Depicting the feudalistic mindset and aristocracies, drama serial Malaal e Yaar is one of the most engaging plays in  running. The characters of the plays are well crafted and particularly the character portrayal of Balaaj is simply outstanding. Zain Baig has outdone his role as Balaaj and he seems really impressive and Azekah Daniel is too shinning out in this play.

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The episode begins when Amber and Faiq are having a conversation at Faiq’s place. Amber is trying hard to attract Faiq but he clearly tells her that it is not possible now whatever was between them is past and now he has moved on. He very rudely and bluntly tells her to go away but then gets softened and apologizes but he makes it clear that there is no future of them together and it is not possible at all.


Amber is still pleading Faiq for reconsidering their relationship, she simply has no self respect left in herself. Minhal catches them talking together and she is surprised that what they were talking about. Minhal has not heard anything about what Amber was saying to him which seems strange as they both were so audible and loud. Faiq tells Minhal that he was talking about her with her cousin. Minhal is wondering what he is talking about her? Not for a single moment, Minhal gets suspicious about both of them.


Hooriya is studying hard for her exams but Balaaj is there to disturb her all the time. Their scenes of fights are really cute. Faiq’s mother scolds Faiq for having contact with Amber, she thinks that he has called Amber to their house. She clearly says that she will not let any injustice happen to Minhal and that she will care for her rights. Faiq assures her that he is her son and she does not have to worry as he has no relationship nor he will have any contact with Amber.


Amber is such a vile character that she deliberately hides Hooriya’s admit card so she cannot attempt her paper. Amber is in real trouble as the examiner has asked her to go out of the examination hall but there he finds Danish who helps her out as Principal of the College is his family friend. She sits for her exam. Hooriya’s father has seen her talking with Danish and he has now become suspicious about her. He has given some orders to Ghulam Deen related to Danish. Hooriya, Minhal and Syeda search for the admit card but they were not able to find it anywhere. Coincidentally the maid clears Amber’s room and there in the trash papers stuff she finds a paper with Hooriya photo she shows it to her and there Hooriya gets to know that it is actually Amber who has hidden her card purposefully. The episode ends where Hooriya is thanking Danish on the phone and Amber hears her.

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