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Malaal e Yaar Episode-36 Review: Minhal see Amber and Faiq together

Hooriya is helping out Bano

Malaal e Yaar Episode-36 Review:In this episode Minhal see Amber and Faiq together - OyeYeah News

Drama serial Malaal e Yaar is our most favorite drama serial, despite reaching to 36th Episode, the story of the play has not dragged at all, in fact, it is getting interesting day by day. The play moves around the feudalistic mindset. The character portrayal of Taya Sarkar reflects a typical feudal who rules his people by scaring them of his power.

The episode begins when Hooriya senses that the girl Bano she is helping out, has some kind of affiliation with Wasim, the son of their old servant Ghulamdeen. Later Hooriya finds out Bano talking with that boy secretly and there she finds that they love each other. While on the other hand Taya Sarkar is forcing Balaaj to convince Hooriya not to intervene in his matters and he is resolute that he will soon marry off Bano with that old man.


Hooriya and Balaaj’s scene is really very cute where Hooriya is asking Balaaj that has he ever fell in love and Balaaj nonchalantly says that only cowards fall in love little he knows that he himself loves Hooriya. Hooriya gives him a very long lecture on how dim wit he is! She says she does not know the beauty of love and for that, he needs a heart, a beautiful heart with feelings.


Amber is super pathetic, a girl with no self-respect at all. After Faiq literally tells her not to call him again and breaks all relations with her. She goes to his office and forces him to go shopping with him, threatens him that otherwise she will call the people and will create a scene. Poor Faiq has no choice but to follow that pathetic girl and on his way, Minhal sees Amber and Faiq together in the car. Minhal is shocked and she is wondering why Amber is going with Faiq in his car?


Minal tells Bibi Jaan that she has seen Faiq and Minhal together in a car on which Bibi Jaan gets nervous. She scolds Amber badly when she returns and tells her that Minhal has seen her with Faiq and she stops her to see Faiq again but when Amber shows persistence she slaps her hard on the face. Minhal calls Faiq and tells him that she has seen him with Amber in the car. Faiq gets very nervous he lies that he has seen her in the mall waiting for the car so he gives her the lift just because she is her cousin. Minhal seems convinced but this has literally scared the hell out of Faiq.

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