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Mein Episode-2 Review: Who will save Mohit from Mubashara’s wrath?

Zaid tries to calm down Mubashara but her madness is out of control

Ary Digital’s drama serial Mein has kicked off with a bang. The second episode solely belongs to Ayeza Khan for her brilliant performance. Wahaj Ali and Ayeza Khan both are looking great together on screen. In the previous episode, we have seen that Mubashara gets divorce papers as a surprise from her husband on her anniversary function. In this episode, it is shown that Mohit marries Mubashara’s best friend.

Mubashara is looking forward to a surprise from her husband but her mind gets blown out when she sees divorce papers. Mubashra is out of her mind she gets extremely mad and her madness is getting out of control.

Zaid tries to calm down Mubashara. The scene where they both were together clearly shows their crackling chemistry. Mubashara is not calming down so Zaid leaves her. Mubarasha’s father is worrying that what she will going to do with Mohit. Who is going to save him from Mubashara’s wrath? It seems like she might kill him. Another bang we get in this episode is that Mohit is going to secretly marry Mubashra’s best friend. It is shocking for us as an audience too as it will going to be for Mubashara.

Aira’s brother strangely gets missing he did not return from Isha’s prayers. Aira is searching for her brother on the streets and in hospitals but she could not find her brother. She is left with no choice but to seek Zaid’s help. Zaid is there for her, they both look for her brother the whole night and end up finding him in a hospital. He got a cardiac arrest. Zaid’s father calls Zaid asking him to look for Mubashra as Jaffar is really worried for her. Well, Zaid’s father’s concern for his business partner is quite intense.

Mubashara has gotten to Mohit place but he is not there she expresses all her frustration with his mother. Later Mubarasha’s brother calls her to inform them that Mohit is at his house. Well, why Mubarasha’s brother has done that when he has clearly seen his father being worried for Mubashra? He knows that his sister has anger issues then why he has called her? Mubashra is in a furious rage and is all set to kill Mohit. She goes straight to his house and starts threatening him. Mubashara’s wrath is so well played by Ayeza Khan. Mubarasha’s father reaches on the spot to stop Mubashra from committing anything wrong.

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