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Mere Humsafar Episode-29 Review: Hala loses her biggest support, her Dadi

Ary Digital’s drama serial Mere Humsafar is getting more and more tragic it has lost its fairytale charm. Hala and Hamza’s romance is over. Performances are on spot. Hania Aamir and Farhan Saeed both have given their best to this play. In the previous episode, we have seen how Shahjahan had ruined Hala and Hamza’s relationship by trapping the naive Hala in her plotting. In this episode, Hala lost her biggest support Dadi. Legendary Samina Ahmed’s performance and presence will be missed.

Hamza has become a huge disappointment. I’m not carried away with him merely shedding his tears it is the least he could offer, yes Thank God he is not being violent. However, he at least should have given Hala a chance to explain her position. Hala deserves this.

Hala is a lunatic and she is indeed the dumbest heroine I have ever seen on screen. She clearly knows that Dadi is not well still she is making her shout and cry by repeatedly saying that her son Nafees is not going to come when Dadi is shouting, crying, and insisting that he will come. At that moment the doorbell rings and returns Hala’s father with her step-sister. Well, Hala’s step sister is not much younger than her. How heartbreaking it is for poor Hala!

Hamza has fallen from grace when he does not come at his Dadi’s call. He is telling his mother that Hala is the punishment he has selected for himself for his whole life. She will remind him every time how disloyal she had been and how she had betrayed him. Poor Hala has no guts to reply back to Hamza that she does not have to bear this punishment anymore if he is not ready to hear her side of the story then he has no right to her. It is better that they part ways than to force themselves to live in a loveless relationship.

Dadi very coldly welcomes his son he even does not call him Nafees she is calling him Hala ka Baap. She rightly blames her son Nafees for ruining Hala’s life and for abandoning her. She further tells him that he has no right to ask anyone as he is the one who has wronged Hala the most. Well, Dadi should have told them this way before Nafees when he was leaving Hala as a child but then she was blinded with greed. By telling all truth and instructing Nafees to take care of Hala, Dadi dies. Hala has lost one of her biggest supporters. Will Nafees own Hala and take her away from all this misery?

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