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Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida Ep-7 Review: Ulfaat’s friend is igniting her desire for getting rich

HUM TV’s drama serial Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida is one entertaining watch, we simply love Sonya Hussyn and Zahid Ahmed’s crackling chemistry and its a treat to watch their scenes together despite Sonya’s loaded overacting, her performance, if looked from character’s point of view, redeems her, as it seems a deliberate attempt for her side to amplify her character’s burning desire and passion to become rich.

The episode begins when Shafaq is trying to reason Ulfaat about her demand and her purity of heart by saying that she expresses what she feels as she is straight forward. She is playing her moves very smartly, she also hands a gift box to Ulfaat telling her that it is her choice to throw it or keep it but she requests that it will be good if she drops it in her house’s trash bin. Shafaq has sensed Ulfaat’s burning desire to become rich and now she is trying to cash it, by telling her that she can give her anything if she will give her Shahaan.



Ulfaat is traumatized by hearing Shafaq’s demand and she expresses all her frustration on her child beating the hell out of him and then yelling at Shahaan and at her Khala. Later, when her Khala tries to cool her down she gets embarrassed and then she apologizes to her khala. She is feeling very guilty about her behavior. It is one cute scene where Ulfaat is trying to apologize Shahaan on her behavior, their chemistry is so on spot.

Well one wonders why Ulfaat shares this embarrassing offer of Shafaq with her so-called friend, she clearly knows that she is not a very sincere kind of friend but still she tells her the whole story and her friend instead of appreciating her for being right, is trying to ignite her desire to become rich by saying that her offer is not bad.

She is always jealous of her and she wants to ruin her married life. Later when at night Ulfaat opens that gift box it has her most favourite super expensive diamond set! Her eyes got dazzled with the shine of diamond and it seems that her love for Shahaan will get dim in the dazzlement of these diamonds. Stupid Ulfaat shares this set too with her friend who tells her to thank Ulfaat. Well thanking this gift clearly means that Ulfaat has no issue with Shafaq’s demand.

Shafaq promotes Shahaan making him the happiest person and he is even more grateful to Shafaq. Well why Shafaq is not picking Ulfaat’s number and why she is being rude with her? The way Shahaan enjoys his success is so refreshing, the whole family is happily rejoicing his promotion news. Later when at night Shahaan expresses his happiness and he is trying to express his gratitude towards her boss, Ulfaat says that yes she knows it is because of Shafaq, Shahaan gets startled with Ulfaat mentioning Shafaq’s name. It seems that Shafaq has come in between Ulfaat and Shahaan.

Do you think Ulfaat accepting and keeping that super expensive gift and then letter calling Shafaq to thank her and telling her that she wants to come at her place to thank her means that she has already accepted Shafaq’s offer?

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