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Pinjra Episode-9 Review: Abhaan might get arrested!

Jawaid and Khadija are shocked at Abhaan and Abeer's conduct

Pinjra the drama serial airing at ARY Digital is based on issues relating to parenting. This drama carries such a strong message in an excellent manner that the story never gets too heavy to watch. Performances are simply incredible especially by all young stars and they deserve appreciation. In the previous episode we have watched that Abhaan gets in such a big mess at his school. In this episode it seems that poor Abhaan might get arrested by Police.

The episode begins when the mess has been created in the school, the headmistress of the school played by Zhalay is snubbing Jawaid and Khadija for raising their child like that she tells them that Abhaan had a fight with a senior boy and he has pushed him out of the 3rd floor and now that boy is in the hospital in critical condition. Jawaid and Kahdija both are shocked to hear this.

They are further shocked when the headmistress states them the reason behind the fight. She tells them that Abeer is the reason behind that fight. She narrates that it is Abeer who is friends with that senior boy Umar and she is the one who starts abusing her classmate on social media because she is also Umar’s friend. The girl has no choice but to complain to the coordinator against the bullying.

What Abhaan did to Umar was his natural reaction as a brother. I thought that it may going to create some sort of sympathy for Abhaan but no the first thing Javaid does when he gets back home is to start beating him. Headmistress has warned Javaid that he should prepare himself for the reaction as Umar’s father is quite an influential person. He tries to visit him at the hospital but Umar’s father does not want to talk with him.

Umar’s father is resolute that he want that kid Abhaan behind the bars. Although the lady police has tried her best to calm him down and she tries to convince him that Abhaan is merely a child. She says that she will take action after getting Umar’s statement once he gains consciousness. Umar’s father threatens lady police that he will use his influence if she doesn’t comply with what he is asking. Khadija gets violent when she is asking Abeer for the phone she calls her best friend’s mother and complains her about her daughter on which her mother says that she will not hear anything against her daughter, she says that it is actually all Abeer’s fault.

Such a happening episode our heart goes out for poor Abhaan who has not actually pushed Umar.

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