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Pinjra Second Last Episode Review: Will the verdict go against Abhaan?

Javaid turns into a new leaf

Ary Digital’s drama serial Pinjra is moving fast towards its conclusion, this is the second last episode. Pinjra is thoroughly an excellent play loaded with positive messaging and is surely a perfect one-on-one parenting, but we wish the story had not been dragged that much with filler episodes. In the previous episode, we see a glimpse of hope in Javaid’s character. In this episode we see Javaid turning into a new leaf. Will the verdict go against Abhaan?

In the previous episode, we have seen Khadija going to Umer’s mother and pleading with her to forgive Abhaan. She also tells her how her husband has bribed their lawyer. Umer’s mother does not promise anything but her heart is ready to forgive Abhaan. She tries to question her husband Bakht who refuses to even listen to her point of view as it is a matter of his revenge.

This episode once again belongs to Umair Rana and how brilliantly he is carrying the role of Javaid. The scene where he is lying on the floor and caressing Abhaan’s painting is so touching. He used to be narcissistic, a grey character but he is not thoroughly bad. He in his own way always tries to protect his family but his manner was always wrong. It seems that he is repenting and wants to make amends. His call to Khadija is one powerful scene.

Wajiha’s son Farjaad is a gem of a son just like Azaan, Farjaad’s character is very well played by the young star Zuhab Khan. Dua is feeling guilty for mistreating her mother and it is actually Farjaad who puts some sanity in his sister’s head by telling her that her mother also owes them her basic right. It is her right to settle down with someone she likes and he says he has full faith in her mother. Actually, it is the trust that Wajiha has given them, it reflects her upbringing. Wajiha’s children give her the green signal now poor Arsalan will not have to sell his apartment.

Then comes the much-awaited court scene. Well, I find the court scene bit underwhelming. Bakht despite her wife’s plea to forgive Abhaan is not letting go of his revenge game. By the way, Umer’s mother has called Arsalan what kind of significance it will have in Abhaan’s case? Then there is a scene of Javaid and Khadija where he confesses that he loves Abhaan because he is just like Khadija hinting at their reconciliation. The court is about to give the verdict and it seems like it will go against Abhaan when the court suddenly gets interrupted by a voice I think it’s Azaan’s the boy is missing in this whole episode. Will Azaan be able to save his brother?

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