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Pyar Ke Sadqay Episode-25 Review: Mahjabeen fails to save her father

Abdullah cannot sign the divorce papers

Pyar Ke Sadqay Episode-25 ReviewIn this episode Mahjabeen fails to save her father - OyeYeah News

Pyar Ke Sadqay the drama serial running at HUM TV is one of the much loved Prime Time Watch. The play has turned very tragic but the audience’s hearts beat with Mahjabeen and they cry along with her. So well crafted and well-executed character. Yumna Zaidi and Bilal Abbas’s impeccable performances are making this drama one of the finest ones.

Vashma visits Mahjabeen and she is shocked to know that Sarwar has got arrested Mahajabeen’s father accusing him of some fraud. She is so embarrassed that her mother is also part of such an evil act. It looks so cute and sad when Mahjabeen tells Vashma that she has gone to ask help from Mom but she had thrown them out of the house because Abdullah’s engagement going with ‘unki Mehboob’ and when Vashma says that Abdullah will regret she has so pure heart that she says don’t say that “unki mehbooba haina unsay pyar hay unko”.

Vashma confronts her mother bravely, yelling at her that she is doing wrong by siding with an actual fraud and punishing an innocent Munshi Jee. Mansoora Slaps hard on Vashma’s face when she hears Vashma calling Sarwar names.

Well, Mansoora has no idea that living in such a self-assumed world where Sarwar is all good and truly loves her will going make her pay for her mistakes. She has ruined her relationship with her daughter. Vashma before leaving the house tries to shake her mother’s dead conscience by reminding her that Mahjabeen is very innocent whatever bad she is doing with those poor and helpless people, karma will hit back to her. She will never be in peace. It seems that Mansoora is bit moved with what Vashma’s says but then she suppresses her guilt feelings.

Mahjabeen feels like she is very helpless then Sarwar’s offer clicks to her mind but she knows that it is wrong. She discusses it with her mother who strongly advises her never to go with Sarwar no matter what happens even if her father is dying let him be in the prison, as for a girl her honor is everything. Sarwar is now haunting her in her dreams too. Vashma overhears Mahjabeen and her mother’s conversation where Mahjabeen is sharing her fears for Sarwar, Vashma comes to know another dark and ugly side of her stepdad and now she is resolute that she is going to help in protecting them.

Abdullah cannot make himself to sign the divorce papers, reveries of Mahjabeen is not leaving him. Deep inside he is feeling guilty. Indirectly he is trying to make comparisons of Shanzay and Mahjabeen and realizing that they are poles apart and that Mahjabeen is matchless.

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