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Ramz e Ishq Episode 8 Review: Roshini surrenders to all the pressure and attempts suicide

Rania is mad that Rehan preferred to help Roshini then going out with her


Ramz e Ishq as the title suggests is the story of an intense love which has been ruined by a feudalistic attitude of a family, who has a history of old grudges running in the family. As, Wajahat one of the sons of this family dared to marry a girl of his own choice and on the night of his own wedding, as a consequence his own sister got divorced. Unfortunately, Roshini has now had to pay a hefty price for her father’s mistake. Overall its a Love triangle in a well-written script by Misbah Noureen.

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The episode begins with Rehan trying to shake his grandfather’s dead conscience for all that unjust decisions he has taken against his own son and for Roshini, as he had deliberately married her off to his own servant, not to the person with whom Wajahat had fixed her wedding with. They have exploited the poor girl for her own words and married her off to the servant, who is the son of their housemaid. Meanwhile, Rehan’s phuppo intervenes and tries to stop him on arguing with his grandfather.


Rania, the arrogant and mean girl, on the other hand, is trying her best to get Rehan’s attention but she fails every time. As Rehan is too much occupied in his own world and issues. He is extremely disturbed because Roshini is deliberately ignoring him, he is not used to of this kind of behavior from her. He tries to argue with her, pleads her for their love. Roshini also has a very harsh argument with her phuppo and after that, it seems like it is too much for that poor soul to bear. All that Rehan has said to her, her mother’s words and her arguments with her phuppo are echoing in her mind, which is driving her crazy.


Roshini surrenders to all the pressure and attempts suicide by taking the pills. Umer is not home as he has been sent to the village by Rehan. On the other scene Rehan has promised to take Rania on a dinner, and for that Rania has dressed very attractively to get some praises from Rehan, and when they are about to get into the car,  Rehan nonchalantly says that she looks good. In the meantime, Umer’s mother comes running and screaming that Roshini is unconscious, Rehan gets panicked upon hearing this, he leaves Roshini and goes straight with Umer’s mother to help Roshini.


Rania is fuming high on this, she takes it as her insult that Rehan has preferred to help an ordinary girl over her! Rehan finds out that Roshini has taken pills in large quantity, he picks her up into his arms and while Rania is watching, Rehan comes back carrying Roshini in his arms and puts her into the car. Rania objects on this, upon which Rehan replies that he has no time to listen to her stupid arguments. To all this happening, Rania blames Rehan’s mother and says that she has plotted all this against her.

Let’s wait for the next episode and find out what happens next!


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