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Raqs e Bismil Episode-20 Review: Zohra is trapped in a mess after getting divorce

The story continues with a number of loopholes!


Raqs e Bismil’s recent episode at HUM TV comes up with a drastic turn. As it is truly said that the course of true love never runs smoothly so is the case of Moosa and Zohra. In the previous episode, we have seen that Zohra (Sarah Khan) meets Moosa (Imran Ashraf) in the library. In this episode, Malik Sheharyar divorces Zohra under the pressure of his brothers and wife. However, there are hopes for Moosa and Zohra’s union but it seems that still there will be too many hurdles in the way.

Moosa and Zohra meet in the library. Zohra for the very first time confesses her feelings for Moosa and acknowledges his passion for her. She also acknowledges that the fact that she has taken so much time for realizing Moosa’s true love for him. However, Zohra feels that she cannot carry their relationship further as she is now a married woman and still she does not want to get divorced. Well, one wonders why she still wants to keep that toxic marriage?

Moosa is over the moon when he hears Zohra saying that she values his feelings and love for her. Moosa is now a satisfied person as his beloved has fully acknowledged his feelings and love. Well in this episode there are too many directorial flaws and at some places, performances are short too. Particularly the Police station lockup scene where Saranga goons are beating Taqueer, who has seen such a neat clean well kept jail? where few persons are wearing Jail uniform while Tauqeer is suited booted.

Malik Sheharyar is under great pressure to divorce Zohra, his brother has given him final notice well Malik Sheharyar himself agrees to a deal with Laila Jee then why he is acting like he seriously does not want to divorce her? Why Zohra is praying hard that Malik Sheharyar does not divorce her? Why she is not having a backbone and she stands for her own self and her own dignity?

Zohra eventually receives divorce papers from the servant and then thrown out of the house by Malik Sheharyar’s servant then comes the most badly executed accident scene. Zohra is hit by Laila and Tauqeer’s employee’s car. He takes Zohra home and tells his annoying greedy wife to take good care of her and keeps her intoxicated so that they can cash her well as he has recognized Zohra. Will Moosa be able to get Zohra out of this mess. Certainly, there are hopes as well as hurdles.

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