Director Ahmed Mansur collaborating with the New York Film Academy in Abu Dhabi

Director Ahmed Mansur has stressed the necessity of continuing training and publishing training courses

Director Ahmed MansurAhmed serves as AmeriCorps Project CHANGE’s communications director - OyeYeah News

Iraqi director Ahmed Mansur said that there is a joint cooperation with the New York Film Academy in Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates, which consists of launching the first initiative to train and teach directing remotely. Which is the first step in launching? Train and teach from a distance.

Director Ahmed Mansur explained that due to the Corona pandemic “COVID 19”, all training and media institutes were closed and switched to remote training. Director Ahmed Mansur stressed the necessity of continuing training and publishing training courses for everyone who wishes to do so remotely, within a new format that allows the trainee to obtain information and benefit in the best possible way.

Director Ahmed Mansur careworn the need for persevering with schooling and publishing schooling guides for all people who needs to accomplish that remotely, inside a brand new layout that lets in the trainee to achieve data and gain withinside the pleasant feasible way. Ahmed Mansur has previously obtained a filming program certificate from the New York Academy. Director Ahmed Mansur played a key role during COVID 19, a traumatic situation.

Director Ahmed Mansur is an NYU Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute graduate. POV Magazine wrote, “Ahmed Mansur has made a verity movie approximately democracy in action.” He said that “As a filmmaker, you typecast as much as an actor does, so I’m stuck in the genre I love, but I’m stuck in it.” The movie premiered at prestigious movie festivals, which include Mountain Film and DOC NYC.

Ahmed serves as AmeriCorps Project CHANGE’s communications director, in fee of manufacturing the recruitment and commencement motion pictures and also, serves as a part of the school schooling the group in media awareness. He made a chain of quick movies highlighting the humanitarian disaster withinside the Gaza Strip after 3 successive wars. He has spoken to audiences at Duke University, Columbia University, and the Washington Center for Narrative Studies. He changed into named the “2019 Mountain Film Emerging Filmmaker Fellow” primarily based totally in Telluride, Colorado.

Director Ahmed Mansur said that “my film is born or developed first in my mind, dies on paper; is resuscitated through the dwelling individuals and actual gadgets I use, which can be killed on the movie but, located in a sure order and projected directly to a screen, come to existence once more like plant life in water. Nobody will ever observe that. Filmmaking isn’t always approximately the tiny details. It’s approximately the large picture.”

He explains he said that filmmaking is not an artwork passes our sense of right and wrong withinside the manner movie does, and is going without delay to our feelings, deep down into the darkish rooms of our souls. In the future, everyone is going to be a director. Someone has to live a real life so we have something to make a movie.

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