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Here is how you can sign up for UrduFlix – Pakistan’s first Urdu OTT platform

UrduFlix will provide viewers with access to original Urdu films, series, documentaries, cartoons, and Urdu dubbed Turkish dramas.


UrduFlix – Pakistan’s first Urdu OTT platform is bringing a lot of excitement for viewers in one place. The talent is certainly there and now with UrduFlix, there is a platform that can help provide them with the right resources and direct access to audiences. It will also allow filmmakers to expand the scope of their stories and choose fresh scripts.

UrduFlix will also present Urdu cartoons. We often hear parents lamenting the fact that children don’t have access to localized content. It’s either in English or dubbed in Hindu. At times, it can cause cultural conflicts. Now with UrduFlix, things can improve drastically as the target audience is local.

The new platform brings in a plethora of new-age content- from the original to already popular dramas and films, making Emax Media the first-ever independent network in Pakistan to launch a dedicated Urdu OTT platform.

So, when and where can you access UrduFlix? The platform will be accessible from mid of January and the UrduFlix app will be able for downloading on App Store (Apple) and Google Play (Android). Plus, you can watch UrduFlix content via Roku TV. The official UrduFlix website is another alternative. The signing up process is pretty much self-explanatory.

It’s a win-win situation as Pakistani content creators will be able to put out content and compete will global players. Whereas, the audience will have a chance to see some of the biggest national and international stars on a Pakistani OTT platform. Stories and characters which they could relate to and identify with. Wouldn’t that be a lot of fun?


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