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It’s Murtasim’s shawl, the new hero of Tere Bin

Drama fans are in love with Wahaj Ali's character

It’s Murtasim’s shawl that steals Tere Bin’s latest episode!

Drama lovers are hooked on Geo Entertainment’s drama serial Tere Bin, directed by Siraj ul Haq which features Wahaj Ali and Yumna Zaidi in the lead.

The story moves forward as we saw Murtasim’s (Wahaj Ali) heart start melting for Meerub (Yumna Zaidi) and two apparent foes are set to get hitched in the latest episode.

Both the actors have done a remarkable job in portraying their characters, but the drama has got a new hero.

Netizens think its Murtasim’s shawl that has stolen Tere Bin’s latest episode!


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