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Marina Khan reveals she wasn’t paid full promised amount for film Yaara Vey

Marina Khan in a recent social media post has revealed that she wasn’t paid the full promised amount for the film, Yaara Vey!

Senior actress Marina Khan is not okay with the producers of the film Yaara Vey, which is set to hit theatres on September 16 after years of delay.

In a recent Instagram post, Marina addressed her fans saying,” To all my Instagram followers. I am VERY UPSET that this movie is being released as I was NOT paid by the producers the full amount they promised me. Also, they kept delaying the contract signing.

“So technically if I wanted I could probably put a stay order on the release, but I am lazy and frankly don’t give a rat’s ass anymore. To the producers of this film, all I can say is SHAME on you,” she added.

Seriously, we don’t understand this, if they didn’t have a budget to pay people properly, why do they even try to produce a film?
On the other hand, Team Yaara Vey released an official statement on behalf of Beeline Productions in response to Marina’s claims.
Beeline Productions stated that it is in legal proceedings with the associate production house Elite Films to resolve the matter of impending payment!
“The film was produced by Beeline Productions in association with another production house based in UAE called Elite Films. The former was responsible for the finance whilst the latter held the reins of production,” it said.
As per the statement, Beeline Productions paid Elite Films the full amount pertaining to “full management of artists, resources, production expenses” and was supplied with receipts.


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