Meray Paas Tum Ho Finale will not be available on YouTube

MPTH team is making efforts for the international screening of the finale.

#MerePaasTumHoThe final episode will be screening at the selected cinemas across Pakistan and on its official channel Ary Digital as well - OyeYeah News

Amidst all the surprises that Meray Paas Tum Ho has bestowed upon fans since it premiered, there is yet another one and there might be some more coming our way until the finale is aired.

And for those who catch up with the hit series on YouTube, the sad news is that it won’t be available online. The final episode will be screening at the selected cinemas across Pakistan as well as on its official channel Ary Digital.


The latest surprise is for international fans of the play and it is…Can you guess?

The finale of the overwhelmingly popular drama might be screened internationally, most probably in the United States, as revealed by Humayun Saeed in a conversation with an online publication.

However, we are trying to get an official confirmation for MPTH’s fans in the US.

“We have actually been approached by several exhibitors in the US who are very keen to screen the finale,” Humayun Saeed told.

As per Humayun, the only challenge the team is coming across in the screening of the show in States is the time required to meet their censorship requirement.

“The only challenge is time as any content screened in the US needs at least a week to get through their censor requirements,’’

‘Our team is working on it and trying to find a solution,” he added.

Woah!! If all goes well fans of MPTH in the United States will also be viewing the finale comprising of a double mega episode on January 25 similar to their counterparts in Pakistan.

the authorAfshan Zahra