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Ruswai Last Episode Surprises Fans With Mukhtaran Bibi’s Guest Appearance

This drama left an impact on its audience having strong characters

Mukhtaran-Bibi's-guest-appearanceMukhtaran Bibi's guest appearance in Ruswai Last Episode - OyeYeah News

Ruswai, the popular ARY’s drama series concluded with its final episode and expected justice was served in the concluding episode.

This drama left an impact on its audience having strong characters especially the role played by Sana Javed as Sameera, a brave and independent woman who refuses to be constantly demeaned and treated unjustly and instead, decides to raise her voice and speak up against the immensely suffocating injustice.

But what left the fans surprised was the guest’s appearance of Mukhtaran Mai a real-life surviving victim of gang rape, and internationally acclaimed campaigner for women’s rights.

The last scene showed Mutktara Bibi commonly known a Mukhtaran Mai arriving at the hospital to meet Sameera and wish her on her birthday. Sorry for spoiling it for those who haven’t watched it yet. 


Amidst the infuriatingly absurd stereotypes of rape victims found in our society, the popular drama serial Ruswai has left its mark.

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  • Here are my two cents on drama serial #ruswai.We had much hopes from this drama as the teasers were really captivating. Even for me it was difficult to wait after watching the teasers.It started very well.The writer slowly built up the story on strong grounds.We had a brief introduction of every character to understand their background motives afterwards. And then came the episode 5.It was such an impactful episode that it made us all cry.The opening scene was so powerful when our protagonist Sameera was found lying by the side of a road and she opens her eyes and hide her face from sunlight.It was so heart wrenching to see the rest of the episode. True face of our society was shown in the succeeding episodes with a very well closing last episode.
    I have been reading reviews and audience response after the last episode so I wanted to say something about it.We should give Ruswai its due credit as it first time established the rape survivor concept instead of rape victim.Infact we saw a brother accepting clearly that her sister is a survivor. Again and again we were reminded that Sameera is a survivor and her attitude towards her life clearly showed that.She was not ashamed of herself and she fought for herself. She resumed her job and moved on in life which gives us a silver lining.Infact she had very positive atutide towards her brother and bhabi which again is a very good thing.We all should learn to remain positive from her even in the hardest circumstances. Many people complained that it turned into a watta satta marriage story and real issue was over shadowed.We couldn’t see the trial of Sameera’s case and how she fought her case. My say is that we have seen a lot of dramas on court trial of a rape victim.Ruswai was not meant to show us that side.What it showed us was the domestic problems that a rape survivor come across, be it her in laws and husband or her family or colleagues. We saw that when an incident like this happens to a girl,what she and her family goes through,how it affects her personal and professional life.Battles that are fought with our loved ones are hard than the court trials.Sana’s acting was phenomenal throughout.

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