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Sohail Haider’s Mahiya is What You Need to Hear Today

Sohail Haider’s latest song Mahiya is out, and we aren’t quite sure what’s our favorite bit in the beautiful song.

From an aesthetically pleasing video featuring Sohail’s wife Dua Malik, to the melody complementing the singer’s voice and the wonderfully penned down lyrics, the song is a complete package of goodness.

A narration of long distance relationships that many people in armed forces endure, Mahiya is an ode to both love and duty. From the moment it begins with the slow music and proceeds to become a soulful composition, Mahiya keeps you hooked with itself.

The song is a delightful combination of Sohail’s voice on the lyrics that find a perfect balance together.

Another important factor that makes the song a catch for both ears and eyes is the wonderfully done visual design. From Dua’s costume to the set, everything feels to be in the right place as you stay engrossed in the song.

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