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Syed Jibran reacts to backlash on his character in drama ‘Daraar’

Syed Jibran reacts to backlash he has been facing on his character in drama ‘Daraar’!

Geo TV drama serial Daraar is a story of love, dreams and obsession which raises questions and seeks more profound answers for complex yet strange relationships.

For those unserved, Syed Jibran plays the character Shaheer who has fallen for his sister-in-law, his wife’s cousin who came to stay at his house to look after his pregnant wife.


In his recent interview with BBC, Jibran addressed over the backlash he has been facing over his character and maintained that he doesn’t think Shaheer is a problematic character!

“I feel like Shaheer is not a negative character. It is, in fact, very good that our stories have evolved in such a way that the traditional hero-heroine and villain situations are less common,” Syed Jibran said.

“A character does not have to spread either good or bad. My character in Daraar is going with a similar story. He’s a great guy in the beginning but he is also troublesome later,” he added.

He went on to add that “Most of the time, when a man has any illicit relations with other women, he is not sincere with his wife and doesn’t pay attention to her. However, we have shown that Shaheer is a perfect husband and an ideal son-in-law. He’s a great brother but he is also very calculated with his acts. He can also be so cruel that his public image echoes perfection, but the vices and weaknesses in his personality also shape him.”

And here is how the netizens have been reacting to Geo TV drama serial Daraar:




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