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Baskin Robbins opens in Lucky One, Karachi

Most of us are head over heels for ice cream and cakes. And when it comes to such desserts from international chains like Coldstone Creamery or Baskin Robbins, no one can resist the urge of eating them! This is why, people seem genuinely happy about the opening of Baskin Robbin’s second outlet in the city of lights at Lucky One mall.

Well, I’d have to say that the happiness is justified. Since Lucky One is located at the center of the city, Baskin Robbins is now more accessible to the people around.

Baskin Robbins offers probably one of the finest desserts in their specialties. From ice-cream cakes to banana split to waffle cones to sundaes; they’ve got everything to satisfy your sweet tooth!

And their shakes…*drools*

Their products are already so much flavorsome that you thoroughly enjoy eating them, but the after taste also gives you a feel-good experience
Offering a huge range of flavors in shakes and ice creams, they are certainly a great option for everyone.

There were long queues of people in front of the new outlet. Why wouldn’t that happen, after all? Baskin Robbins is one of the most-liked ice cream spots for any ice cream lover. What caught people’s attention is the amazing offers they made for their opening. The first 31 buyers from the new outlet of Baskin Robbins are to win a voucher for free ice cream for a year, while the next 100 are to get vouchers of free ice cream for a whole month!


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