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Avail 30% Discount on New Year Sale from

It is a New Year Sale offering from On the website, you can buy and Avail 30% Discount on New Year Sale. Rafia is one of the leading e-commerce platforms in Pakistan. The company provides a wide range of services for its users and offers an unbeatable shopping experience to its customers.

The prices are usually low than those offered by other comparable sites. It is a dynamic online shopping portal with a uniquely user-friendly experience. We like to take the opportunity to introduce Rafia’s best deals on products and services that are being sold online.

With the new year, bringing Rafia’s collection has a 30% discount on its items. On their website, you can get all of the information you need about sales, new arrivals, and more.

All well-known companies offer a substantial sale discount on numerous brands at the start or end of the season. They get high benefits with the high-quality at affordable price. 

Whats on Sale Today on

These days, you can find the most recent discounts on various clothes and shoe brands by going online.

Rafia is a high-quality brand that offers stunning design and fabric for formal and casual clothes in a sophisticated way.

Discount is available on all dresses at 30%. They also offer other discounts like blessed Friday, independence day, etc. so, keep in touch with their website to get the latest update.

30% Discount on Different Dresses:

Enjoy a 30% discount on all the favorite Rafia products during the new year sale. It offers an off in 2021 before the start of this month.

The new year linen winter collection costs Rs. 3590 after discounts.

The discount price is roughly Rs. 5000 range in new arrival collection of khaddar.

Velvet collection of different dress code like VLT-36, VLT-28, VLT-37, VLT-25, VLT-31, VLT-27, VLT-26, VLT-33, and many others are available at 30% discount.

These are available at various rates depending on your preferences, affordability, and demand.

The original price of VS-341 is Rs. 5590, but with a 30% discount, it can be as little as Rs. 5030.

Another outfit, VS-351, is available at Rs. 7650 comes with a dark red and black dupatta with multiple colorful embellishments.

VS-357 dress code is also added in the luxury wear has price range around 5390 after 30% off. VS-364 is pure black colorfully embroided front at an affordable price of Rs. 6950 after discount it has Rs. 6255.

Another black frock style with pink embroidery at the border and sleeves is available at Rs. 5930.

Rafia Khas has a fantastic and outstanding collection ideal for weddings and gatherings. Its addition enhances the elegance of the wardrobe even more.

RK-1171 has an aqua green color with hand-crafted embroidery and shiny organza. Pastel pink organza dupatta makes this complete and balances its fabulous look. It is available after 30% at Rs. 22275.

RK-1172 is a purple long -frock with lehenga and hand-made embroidery that costs Rs. 22050.



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