Haris Haroon’s Meherma is a musical tale of love and loss

Regardless of how 2020 has been for the world, it surely has been great for Haris Haroon. The singer hasn’t been around for a while but despite that, he remained busy for a major part of the year. After producing and releasing several other works, Haroon recently unveiled his latest song titled ‘Meherma’ which means ‘moonlight’ in English. The song comes with a heartwarming music video that’s sure to give you all the feels that a love song should.

Meherma is a love ballad that will make you reminisce about that person you know, who isn’t in your life anymore. A beautiful melody, paired with an even better fusion of instruments succeeded in creating a symphony that’s sure to linger in people’s minds for a while.

The lyrics unearth the concept of love and how it is different and yet still the same for everyone else. They talk about how, instead of chasing after perfection, we should try to make something beautiful out of what we have been blessed with. People may assume what new we could add to the narrative of a love that hasn’t been said, done, and put into words before. But when we think about it, adding your own touch of uniqueness to your life is what makes for a love story that’s truly extraordinary. To sum it up, the song is about how love is and will always be the most powerful expression, and emotion that’s felt by humans.

The video depicts the tale of a young girl and her woes. Apart from the everyday chores and the monotony of life, there’s nothing that she cherishes more than the origami art that she keeps in a small wooden box. The box is her prized possession and is the source of the little tranquility that she has in her life. It isn’t clear why the origami objects mean so much to her apart from a sweeping visual of a guy that she peers at from her balcony. The time comes when she gets married and has to bid farewell to her old life. That includes the box of origami. By the end, it is revealed that the guy she glances at from her window wrote songs for her on pieces of paper and placed them in the wooden box for her.

It is beautiful, sad, heartbreaking, and achingly sweet, all at the same time. Anyone who has been in love, or wants to feel that emotion should listen to the song and watch the video. You will definitely find yourself going back to it again.


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