Jungkook’s “Seven” Music Video surpasses 15M views on YouTube

Jungkook of BTS launches solo single, ‘Seven'

Jungkook’s “Seven” Music Video has surpassed 15M views on YouTube!

BTS Jungkook as promised, launched his first major solo single, “Seven,” at the stroke of midnight ET Friday morning,

Jangkook’s first official solo release “Seven” is an invigorating “summer song” that has left his fans and ARMY to experience the full breadth of Jung Kook’s charm.

Seven’s music video featuring actress Han So-hee and American singer and rapper Latto is the most buzz-worthy thing on the internet today.

“Seven” won’t disappoint the fans and it definitely shows a more mature and grown version of K-pop star Jungkook.


In a brief pre-recorded video, Jungkook introducing his solo debut said, ‘Seven’ is an addictive song that anyone can enjoy easily and comfortably. As soon as he heard it, he said, ‘I have to do this’. There aren’t many songs I’ve been hooked on as soon as I heard it, but it was really good.”

Describing the mood of the song, JK added, “It is a passionate serenade with lyrics about wanting to be with the person you love all week long.”

About Latto’s collaboration, Jungkook said, “Latto is featured in this song, and the colors of her are well incorporated into this song, so I think the charm of this song has gone up many notches.”





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