Nouman Javaid’s Deedar: A Shot of Adrenaline during Depressing Times

Deedar is fast-paced, groovy and will make you move instinctively


These are certainly depressing times. Those fortunate enough to be blessed with resources (like myself) find comfort in “comfort food”. That means lots of fried meat and potatoes. We cannot go to gyms or engage in much physical activity either. The future looks ominous in more than one way.

But yesterday, I found a fairly decent cure of this lethargy: Nouman Javaid’s Deedar, on their Youtube based show “Room Files”. It was like a shot of Adrenaline during these dark times. The song is fast-paced, groovy and will make you move instinctively.

Even without this background, on its own, Deedar is a lovely song. The bassline is snappy. It start with a bang. The lead guitars and piano players churn out amazing tunes. Musically, it is a rich song with a strong focus on melody.

The lyrics are catchy and you will find yourself singing along. The chorus especially has the potential to become an earworm. Backed up by excellent guitar tunes, you will have lots of fun listening to it. As a vocalist Nouman Javaid’s quality is unquestionable. It shines through here again. The video compliments the song perfectly. Especially, a lot of work clearly has been done in the edit. It matches the song’s energy.

In the current situation, perhaps we needed something crisps and light, rather than a deep meaning song about love. We all need a bit of cheering up. Deedar certainly did that for me. It motivated me enough to put the song on repeat and go for a jog/run. If a CIA drone was capturing me from space, they might have seen me dancing awkwardly (my natural style) on these catchy beats too.

In a time of grave crisis, those who have the resources should help those in need. At the same time, it is also important to take care of ourselves. After ten days of quiet sulking, Nouman Javaid’s Deedar gave me a little bit of push, which I needed dearly. Give it a listen, it might do the same for you.

the authorAsjad Khan