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3 draws in Hockey, a medal in Weight Lifting and progression in Squad and Boxing

Pakistan’s 1st sports channel is banned for reason widely known yet unknown. But who am I kidding? Had that channel been on, they would be focusing on the Indian Premier league (nothing wrong with that either) except that a 56 member Pakistan team of athletes are competing for medal at the 18th Common Wealth Games. The games are being held in Gold Coast Australia.

I dont have empirical evidence to prove it but it is my personal observation that we have stopped giving much attention to all sports except Cricket. Hockey has dropped down from our list unless we are playing India. No channel bothers to telecast it live. Squash is slowly becoming Pakistan’s ‘once we ruled Spain’. Apart from Aisam ul Haq, we dont have much of interest in Tennis. Rest of the sports are not really for us anyway. I am as guilty as anyone else having this power of relative privilege.

So when the Common Wealth Games came and are going by, we aren’t hearing much about it. There is obviously the tokenary coverage. Until the India game, which once again captured the imagination of the public. The Hockey team (with oddly designed uniform), came from behind to draw the game against the arch rivals. So let’s look at what been happening in other matches and sports.

Pakistan’s only medal so far has come in Weight lifting. Talha Talib, secured the bronze medal in 62kg weight category. He lifted 283kg, also creating a CWG record by lifting 132kg in snatch. In Hockey, Pakistan drew their game against Wales. The Indian game, is still being covered. And following that pattern, the scored late against England and were able to draw the game 2-2. As per the initial reports, Pakistani squash players and sole boxer has progressed to the next rounds.

Here is hoping we focus on more sports than just cricket and pay attention to our athletes.


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