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Angry Pakistanis demand to #RemoveCCPOLahore over his victim-blaming remarks

The recent motorway incident has left the entire nation in state of deep shock and rage. Angry Pakistanis are taking to social media to demand removal of the CCPO Lahore on his sickening remarks for the woman who fell prey to the rapists on Wednesday after her car stuck at the Lahore motorway due to a shortage of petrol.

Umar Sheikh, who has been appointed the Lahore CCPO a week ago, appeared on a local news outlet after the horrific incident of the woman’s gang-rape was reported.

The CCPO in his media talk blamed the victim for getting raped by the assaulters saying that the woman should have taken the GT Road. He also questioned why she went out in the night with her children all by herself.

“The story is that this woman, if it is in your knowledge, left DHA at 12:30am for Gujranwala,” he said adding that, “First, I am surprised that she, a mother of three children, chose to go without a driver. You left Defence, you [should] take the straight GT Road where there is population and go home.”

The police chief further said the woman should have checked petrol in her car before leaving Lahore and taking the longer route because there are no petrol pumps on the Lahore-Sialkot motorway.

Following the disgusting remarks of CCPO Lahore, Pakistanis are requesting authorities for zero tolerance and dismissal for the man who support the criminal while bashing the victim.

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