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Atlas Honda, Yamaha Pakistan increase prices of motorbikes

Atlas Honda and Yamaha announce an increase in the prices of motorbikes in Pakistan!

The new prices of motorbikes will come into effect from April 1.

The new increment in motorcycle prices has been made owing to issues with the opening of letters of credit (LCs).

Atlas Honda on Friday notified an increase in the rates of its motorcycle prices by Rs5,000-15,000.

New retail selling price (ex-factory) of Honda:


Retail price

(exclusive of sales tax)

Sales tax — 18%

Retail price

(inclusive of sales tax)

CD70 (Red, Black) Rs127,033.90 Rs22,866.10 Rs149,900
(Red, Black, Silver)
Rs136,355.93 Rs24,544.07 Rs160,900
PRIDOR (Red, Black, Blue) Rs167,711.86 Rs30,188.14 Rs197,900
CG125 (Red, Black) Rs188,898.31 Rs34,001.69 Rs222,900
CG125S (Red, Black) Rs225,338.98 Rs40,561.02 Rs265,900
CB125F (Red, Black, Blue) Rs310,084.75 Rs55,815.25 Rs365,900
CB150F (Red, Black) Rs388,898.31 Rs70,001.69 Rs458,900
CB150F (Silver) Rs392,288.14 Rs70,611.86 Rs462,900


On the other hand, Japanese bike-maker Yamaha Motor Pakistan also notified new prices of its five models.

New retail selling price (ex-factory) of Yamaha:


Retail price
(Exclusive of sales tax)
Sales tax
(@ 17%)
New price
(Inclusive of sales tax)
Red and Black
Rs290,254.24 Rs52,245.76 Rs342,500
Red, Blue, and Black
Rs310,593.22 Rs55,906.78 Rs366,500
Red, Blue, and Black
Rs319,067.80 Rs57,432.20 Rs376,500
Red and Black
Rs331,779.66 Rs59,720.34 Rs391,500
Matt dark grey
Rs334,322.03 Rs60,177.97 Rs394,500

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