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Autopsy report of slain PTI worker Ali Bilal aka Zille Shah released

PTI worker Ali Bilal, also known as Zille Shah, was laid to rest on Thursday.

The autopsy report of slain PTI worker Ali Bilal has been released.

A worker of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) was killed in clashes with police in Lahore on March 8, the party claimed on Wednesday.

PTI worker Ali Bilal, also known as Zille Shah, was laid to rest on Thursday.

The report suggests that he died due to excessive bleeding after receiving a deep blow to his brain.

The report added that PTI worker Ali Bilal was subjected to “massive blunt trauma”, while a fracture to his skull and subsequent bleeding caused his death.

His liver, spleen and testicles were damaged which led to profuse bleeding, it added.

Bilal’s blood pressure was extremely low due to blood pooling in the brain. There were torture marks on sensitive parts of his body. One part of his skull was badly fractured, the report concluded.



A day earlier, Bilal’s father Liaquat Ali filed an application at the Race Course police station to file an FIR of his son’s murder.

Bilal’s father alleged that police rounded up his son and subjected him to severe torture which led to his death.

On the other hand, the PTI leader dedicated a song to the slain PTI worker via a tweet.

“Dedicating this song to Shaheed Ali Bilal, known affectionately as Zille Shah. He loved his country in a very special way. His violent death through custodial torture shows the depths to which the corrupt, ruthless & cruel ruling elite has sunk,” PTI Chairman Imran Khan captioned the post.


PTI worker Ali Bilal, also known as Zille Shah, was laid to rest on Thursday.

While a high-powered fact-finding committee constituted to probe his death remained on the hunt for the two suspects who brought him to Services Hospital.

CCTV footage from the hospital revealed that two persons brought a badly-injured Bilal in a private 4×4 vehicle, but they subsequently disappeared after he was pronounced dead.

On the other hand, the Punjab police also lodged an FIR in which Zille Shah’s death has been mentioned.

As reported, the case was registered on the complaint of a DSP who got hurt during the clashes between police and PTI workers.

The case has been registered against PTI Chairman Imran Khan and other party leaders.

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