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Ayyan Ali claps back at Imran Khan over money laundering allegations

Ayyan Ali claps back at Imran Khan over money launderer allegations!

The former supermodel took to social media to respond to the PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s allegations directed toward her in Thursday night’s Attock Jalsa.

In a series of tweets, Ayyan Khan criticized former Prime Minister Imran Khan, saying, ” two habits you may not be able to give up till you die. (Because you haven’t learned to tell the truth).”

“The first is to earn TRP in my name (because earning and eating is not your nature) the second is to lie (because you have not learned to tell the truth),” she added.

She added that Imran Khan remained the Prime Minister for four years, yet without false accusations against me, your speech and news would not be made like before.

Imran Khan in his Attock speech paid tributes to the Customs Inspector who arrested Ayan Ali and was later killed.

PTI Chairman alleged that the officer was killed to save Ayyan Ali.

Ayyan Ali in her later tweets attached copies of documents and news clips to validate her argument.

“Like your lie that the investigating officer in my case was killed The investigating officer in my case was an Inspector Saleem from day one to this day they are alive, cut off and taking rewards from their department His name is on every court document,” Ayyan Ali added.


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