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Faisal Vawda Press Conference: Here is what angered PTI leadership

Vawda said the predicted bloodshed could happen before, during or after the PTI's Long March.

Faisal Vawda on Wednesday evening conducted a press conference at the Islamabad Press Club and vowed to reveal truths related to Journalist Arshad Sharif’s murder.

Former PTI senator not just made claims related to Arshad Sharif’s murder, calling him his best friend, but made certain bombshell comments related to PTI’s Long March, set to kick start from Lahore on October 28 (Friday), as well.

The hurriedly called press conference of the PTI leader Faisal Vawda has left his party leadership devastated.

Addressing the press conference, the PTI leader said the killing of Arshad Sharif was not an accident but it was a premeditated murder and stated that he fears there might be causalities in the PTI long march.

‘I was constantly in contact with Arshad Sharif,’ Faisal Vawda claims.

In the latest development, PTI issued a show-cause notice to Vawda following the press conference.

PTI has also suspended Vawda’s party membership until he submits his response to why he “grossly violated discipline by giving statements against party policies and guidelines”.


Arshad Sharif was killed by someone from “within his car”

Vawda said that irrespective of how a probe into Arshad Sharif’s murder is launched, evidence related to his killing, including his mobile phone, laptop, and documents will “never be found as they have been erased.”

He also dismissed the version of the Kenyan police that had maintained that Arshad was killed in a case of “mistaken identity” after the local law enforcement fired about 20 bullets at his car. He said that only two bullets were fired at him.

“In my opinion, two bullets were fired at him, one to the head and the other to the chest by a person either sitting in the car or present at a very close range,” Vawda stated.

Vawda went on to say that bullets cannot be fired from a long distance when it directly hits the head and chest, adding “if it would have been from far away, then 8-10 bulled would have been fired.”

“The story that has been narrated regarding the mistaken identity case should have been plotted well because no matter which country is in question, the police would never open fire if they had (as they claim) doubts of a child being present in the car,” he said, adding that “in this case, only Arshad died as a part of this cold, planned, brutal murder that was conspired.”

Arshad Sharif’s killing was a murder premeditated

“I will speak the truth without fearing the consequences because his martyrdom was a pre-conspired murder, not a mere accident.”

He also said that “conspirators” blackmailed and threatened Arshad to leave Pakistan, so he went to Dubai.

“Later, it was claimed that either the establishment or some unknown institutions pressurized him and asked him to leave Dubai, but this information is false. I will give you details of it later.”

The former PTI senator added that Arshad completed his stay in Dubai until the expiry of his visa and later, it was reported that he went to London.

“However, he did not go to London either,” he revealed.

Vawda added that a person was conspiring against the slain journalist and he has informed PTI Chairman Imran Khan about this conspirator.

“Arshad was an honest person, but the conspiracy that he was informed about had another conspiracy behind it”, Vawda said.

PTI leader went on to add that a common man could not send Arshad to Kenya from Dubai.

“Those are the people who wish to see instability and chaos in the country. This wasn’t a plain death. It was a cold-blooded murder,” he maintained.

PTI’s Long March ‘Bloodshed, death, and funerals’

Faisal Vawda went on to add that PTI’s long march would “witness bloodshed, death, and funerals.”

The statement left the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leadership visibly angered and alleged it was an effort by the government to damage the Long March.

Vawda maintained that the PTI’s “justified” march had become part of a conspiracy.

Faisal Vawda went in to say that “These funerals will definitely be held, but I will try until my dying breath to save my Pakistanis from sacrificing their lives for a conspiracy hatched by some people. I will try to end this politics of death and bloodshed in this country.”

Vawda made claims that important and common people’s deaths will take place in the long march.

He said that there were “ulterior motives” behind the march to Islamabad.

Vawda added that several deaths will take place before and during the long march as the motive is to divert the attention so that the nation would start seeing things in black as white.

“The powerful personalities who are part of this conspiracy are not far from me. Today I’m standing with truth and justice. I will continue to stand with Pakistanis who are about to die in the coming days. Important personalities and many bodies are about to fall in the coming days,” Vawda maintained.

Will share evidence with military intelligence

Vawda stated that he is ready to share evidence with the Military Intelligence and Inter-Services Intelligence, adding that he would share further details related to Arshad’s murder in the coming days.

Claiming that neither the establishment nor any politician was involved in this, he said that the current establishment would be “very foolish if it would have planned something.”

He added that he had also made a video in which he had disclosed the names of the culprits.



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