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“Masses ‘crushed’ by latest price hike,” Imran Khan slams govt

The public has criticized the government for increasing the price of petroleum products

Reacting to the latest price hike in petroleum products, PTI chairman Imran Khan has once again slammed the government.

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In a tweet, PTI Chief Imran Khan said, “Total mismanagement of our economy by a corrupt & incompetent imported govt has crushed masses & salaried class with latest hike in petrol & diesel prices & Rs33/$ devaluation to Rs262.6/$. Elec & gas price hike & 35% unprecedented inflation expected with Rs200bn mini-budget.”

Finance Minister Ishaq Dar, while holding a press conference on Sunday morning, announced an increase in the price of petrol and high-speed diesel by Rs 35 per liter and the price of kerosene and light-speed diesel by Rs 18 per litre.

The public has criticized the government for increasing the price of petroleum products, while the transporters have rejected the government’s decision to increase the price of petroleum products.

Fuel prices to be in effect as of 11 am, Jan 29:

Commodity Existing prices
New prices
29.1.2023 (11 am)
Increase/Decrease (in rupees)
Petrol  Rs214.80 Rs249.80 +35
Diesel  Rs227.80 Rs262.80 +35
Kerosene oil Rs171.83 Rs189.83 +18
Light diesel oil Rs169 Rs187 +18

Former PTI-era finance minister Asad Umar also said that the public was already fed up with inflation.

“May Allah have mercy on these people and deliver them from this punishment,” he said in a tweet.


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