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Imran Khan’s alleged indecent audio leaks: Musarrat Cheema says antics are aimed at blackmailing PTI

PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s alleged indecent audio leaks surfaced on various social media platforms on Dec 20.

The alleged audio leaks have stirred a new storm of controversy in Pakistan’s politics and the social media timeline is flooded with all sorts of reactions.

However, there has been no official response from the former prime minister over the alleged indecent leaked audio conversations.

Meanwhile, PTI leader Mussarat Cheema defended her party chairman Imran Khan saying that whenever the former prime minister takes a “difficult” decision, his fake audios are leaked.

Reacting to alleged indecent audio leaks of Khan, Mussarat Cheema said it aimed at blackmailing the PTI.

“The Deep Fake technology is being used in Pakistan extensively but people would respond to the mean propaganda in the election,” she added.

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